Our History

Established in 1973 under the technical collaboration from Cutter Laboratories Inc. U.S to manufacture Intra-Venous solutions from automatic liquid packaging machines then, to state-of-the-art printing and filling Swiss SAPA machines which is a subsidiary of Baxter Laboratories.

Alfa Laboratories holds a manufacturing authorization certificate issued by the Lebanese Ministry of Public Health backed with a permit for establishing a Pharmaceutical Factory dated January 31, 1973, and amended on December 12, 2017. Furthermore a permit for Exploiting a Pharmaceutical Factory dated April 05, 1975 and amended twice, on 8 January 2010 and on 20 February 2020.

50 years ago, Alfa Laboratories started the journey of manufacturing I.V. Solutions and a variety of other pharma products: Haemodialysis Powders and Solutions, glass Ampoules, Medical Devices, powders for oral solutions, Unsterile Solutions (oral solution, enema solution, nasal spray and solution, oral mouthwash), Sweeteners, Disinfectants, Skin Care Topical Solutions, Paediatric Oral syrups, plus many Over-The-Counter products.

Today, Alfa Laboratories, as a Lebanese Pharmaceutical Manufacturer, has the widest spectrum and the most diversified range of products in terms of categories, formulas, volumes/sizes and packaging types.

Our Mission

Alfa Laboratories health care products touch the lives of many in Lebanon and overseas. For this reason, our strive for innovation and excellence is a continuous daily mission to provide quality products that meet every day needs of the health care professionals in hospitals, clinics, pharmacies and at home, to become a trusted leader in growing areas of healthcare.

Our Quality Policy

We at ALFA LABORATORIES S.A.L., are intended and committed to improve our processes and capabilities, to comply with all necessary requirements of the Lebanese GMP 2023 and GSDP 2017 guidelines, and to maintain the suitability and effectiveness of our Quality Management System and its continual improvement.

We are also committed to ensure a safe and healthy work environment and implement all required environmental practices, review periodically our quality objectives, thus raise the awareness of our employees on their essential role towards excellence and give our customers satisfaction by providing the best in Product Quality, Delivery and Price.

Our Vision

We believe that by implementing a personalized marketing approach and maintaining good public relations with our customers, as well as by ensuring the effective application of our risk based thinking quality systems, by implementing a green business strategy including environmentally friendly processes for the continuous improvement in all the phases of our operations. Thus, we contribute to our growth, to the growth of our customers and to the society we live in at large, and in achieving a more sustainable approach for our activities. 

Our quest is the search for change, respond to it, and exploit it as an opportunity. We are here for the people we serve in their pursuit of healthy lives. This has been the creed of Alfa Laboratories and will always be.

Our Commitments

Alfa Laboratories is committed to continuously provide products and services of the highest quality and at the most competitive prices for our customers. 

We strive to define their needs and to fulfil them with mutual satisfaction. 

Alfa Laboratories is also committed to continuously invest in technical innovation, R&D and product development. Thus bringing high quality innovative and cost effective products to the market and assisting our customers with their specific healthcare requirements. 

Alfa Laboratories is committed to provide a safe and healthy work environment for everyone, prevent accidents and minimise the environmental impact of our activities.

Our Ethics

Alfa Laboratories focus on patients where the most pressing healthcare challenges cannot wait and continually work to help people in their most critical moments of hospitalization.

We also pledge to comply with the Code of Ethics for Medicinal Products Promotion stipulated by the Lebanese Ministry of Public Health; we undertake to adhere to all its clauses and to adopt transparency, discipline and self-control as a basis of its proper application in order to regulate and control the marketing of our pharmaceutical products through setting up implementation frameworks and procedures, which will reflect positively on the good use of products, the health and interest of patients and the professions of Medicine and Pharmacy.

Our Certificates

We Are Certified!

Alfa Laboratories rely and fully comply with national and international regulations, guidelines and standards for expertise and guidance in manufacturing, testing, management, safety, storage and distribution of existing and on-going products.

Alfa Laboratories earned many certificates among them the Good Manufacturing Practice certificate for pharmaceutical products, granted from the Lebanese Ministry of Public Health, and the Product Certification for medical devices, granted from the Industrial Research Institute.